Due to the COVID 19 outbreak all of our lessons are online and remote until further notice. We are offering a $50 discount for every month during the duration of this laspe of in person private lessons. Please email us at kg@keyboardgalleria.com if you are interested in lessons!

See why thousands have studied at KGMC for 30 years!

Why is Keyboard Galleria Music Center so popular? We stay current with todays music trends, yet keeping true to proper music education. We've produced some great musicians over the years, and given them experience and knowledge they’ll use forever. Whether music is a life-long career, or that hobby you always wanted to pursue, we got you covered. Plus, we teach just about any instrument you can think of.

All Studios are equipped with computers to benefit both student and teacher. Access to information during a lesson could be critical. Teachers now can use the internet to access songs and various educational materials to further your learning.... who knows, maybe after you get your "chops" down, you'll want to join KGMC's GigMasterz Program, and play your first gig!

Registration Info:

  • Registration $25
  • Tuition $135 per month FLAT RATE
  • 1 thirty minute Private lesson each week (4-5 Lessons per month)

We Offer Private Instruction In:

  • Piano/keyboard
  • Guitar - Acoustic, Electric, Bass
  • Drums - drum set, drum line, hand percussion, classical
  • Orchestra - violin, viola, cello
  • Band - saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, oboe, english horn
  • Folk - ukulele, banjo, mandolin
  • Voice
  • MIDI Composition

Other Programs and Opportunities (Additional Fees):

  • Annual Recitals (Special Student Pricing)
  • Educational Group sessions
  • Student Discounts (included for all students)
  • Recording Education
  • Artist Development Sessions with a Grammy winner $400

Call, Come in, or Email for Signup!


All tuition is paid through our auto-billing system only. No Cash or checks will be accepted. (Purchase orders through Charter schools upon approval)

  • Tuition is based on a monthly schedule.
  • Make up lessons are subject to teacher availability, however one (1) make up is given per month if you can not make your regular lesson time. If a student fails to attend a scheduled make up lesson, no additional make-up will be offered. Accounts must be current to receive a makeup lesson. If for some reason a students misses another lesson during the month, a make up lesson may not be given. This is strictly up to the teachers availability. In order to receive a make up lesson, teachers require a cancellation notice 24 hours before the lesson. Makeup lessons expire after 30 days and cannot be "stacked".
  • Private lessons (Tuition plans differ in length) are one-half hour in length. Students who arrive late will receive instruction only for the remainder of their scheduled lesson.
  • Parents will be held responsible for damage caused by their child to equipment and property. (No exceptions)
  • If a child is deemed sick or contagious upon arrival they will be sent home.
  • We require a 30-day written advanced notice for stopping lessons. There is no partial refunds for lessons not taken within the month.

We feel KGMC is one of the finest Music Schools in the Santa Clarita Valley. Our professionalism and dedication will assure you we are the best possible foundation for music education. Stop by and see why we are the largest music school in Santa Clarita since 1989.

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