Audio2000s Guitar Wireless System

Audio2000s Guitar Wireless System

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Product Description

"Audio 2000 Guitar Wireless SystemAs all the other Audio2000'S® wireless products, the AWM6031DU system has been engineered to be dependable UHF system with a wide audio frequency range, high S/N ratio, and outstanding performance equal to that of any professional wireless systems costing much more. This is achieved through strict component selection and high quality circuit design. A delicately designed silence circuit eliminates static noise when the transmitters are either turned off or out of transmission range. An auto mute circuit is incorporated in these systems to effectively eliminate the popping noise when the switch is turned on or off.The AWM6031DU system has been designed and manufactured to be dependable, problem free, versatile and easy to use. The AWM6031DU system is intended to be readily accessible to everyone with exceptional performance at a preferred and affordable price.