Drum Circle

Ever Wanted To Play Some Grooves With...A Little Help From My Friends?

Now you can, and the Best part is....

No experience is required.

Plus, this event is FREE, and it's for all ages. ( except those wee little ones under 4yrs old unless mom and dad are there to assist )

REMO was kind enough to provide us with a great selection of drums and percussion items, but if you have a favorite drum that you'd like to bring, go for it.

Down beat is always at 6:30, and is a monthly event @ Keyboard Galleria Music Center. Make sure you are getting connected, so join out monthly newsletter, or download our smart phone app at any App store site....it's there

Remember, RSVP for the next Drum Circle, it's a blast!

You can call us (661-259-5397) to RSVP, or you can send an e-mail to DrumCircle.

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